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Dallas or Derrygonnelly – the new republic of Frackistan

Let’s have a look at what we’re getting. We have been told that Tamboran are different..a sort of ecofracker if you will.  They’re definitely World class according to their website, although that term appears on the websites of the worst … Continue reading

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I love the smell of T-butyl Mercaptan and Di methyl Sulphide in the morning.

The above title refers to the odourising agents put into gas in order that humans can detect leaks. It also of course references one of my favourite films. Apocalypse Now.. “That gasoline smell .. smells like victory..” To get back … Continue reading

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Tamboran is a community minded Organisation — yeah right.

I was reading the Hansard from Tamboran’s presentation to the Enterprise, Trade and Industry committee available here .–Tamboran-Resources-Ltd/.    “I think they are very happy with our going ahead and trying to make it clear that Tamboran is a … Continue reading

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