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What ever you do – don’t disagree..

The recent furore over the decision by Kerry Co Council to pass a motion seeking to make it legal to drink drive by permit in rural areas signifies two things that are wrong with Irish politics The first :  blatantly … Continue reading

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Will the Government listen to the Scientists ? – Lough Allen Basin too Shallow to Frack

The terms of reference for the EPA report into hydraulic fracturing were recently released in draft format for comment by the public. The Lough Allen Basin underlying Fermanagh and Leitrim is cited as a major area for initial study. This … Continue reading

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All aboard the fossil fuel train.. next destination .. Terminus

The recent announcement that the Mains Gas is coming to Enniskillen will no doubt be celebrated to great fanfare by Minister Foster.  I’ve no doubt she can only see good in the plan. But 200million is a lot of money … Continue reading

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Rabbitte to hop to Investors tune? – Ireland Fire Sale begins.

Tamboran, Enegi and LANGCO all have similar licence agreements in the Republic of Ireland with regards to their licensed areas for Shale gas – that is they all hold a Petroleum Prospecting Licence, and all hold a Licensing Option.  The … Continue reading

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Calorific Value of Shale Gas — less than current Gas Supply.

Shale gas is being touted as the answer to all our Energy problems. (although I’m unsure who ‘our’ is  as I’m not connected to a gas network). One area overlooked with Shale Gas is the problem with Calorific Value. This … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland’s gas will be sold to the highest bidder – no cheap gas.

We’re being told that this gas will be cheap and will benefit Fermanagh. Lets have a look at that claim. Any gas going into the gas network is going to be available to  anyone connected to the EU network. Indeed … Continue reading

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