Will the Government listen to the Scientists ? – Lough Allen Basin too Shallow to Frack

The terms of reference for the EPA report into hydraulic fracturing were recently released in draft format for comment by the public. The Lough Allen Basin underlying Fermanagh and Leitrim is cited as a major area for initial study.

This EPA study is funded by the Irish and Northern Irish government. Seismic monitoring and baseline studies for the lough Allen basin are included. The cost of the report will be substantial, as will the cost of the baseline studies and the cost of establishing other monitoring; all before even a drill bit will cut the ground.

The media and Governments seem oblivious to the fact that Professor Peter Styles, co-author of the Preese Hall Report into the fracking induced earthquakes in Blackpool, is already on record as saying – do not frack the Lough Allen Basin. A study by Professor Richard Davies has concluded that there should be a gap of 1200M between aquifers and the fracking zone. The Shale underlying Fermanagh and Leitrim according to Tamboran’s own geology diagram,  is too shallow to accommodate this safety gap.

Isn’t it time for our Governments to stop this cod-ology and spend the money on other services? Why when a number of the UK’s chief scientists have said it is unsafe to do so, is the Northern Ireland assembly about to embark on spending millions of pounds on this project? The Media, local politicians, and ultimately the electorate must question and hold Ministers to account over these wasteful decisions.

Richard Moorman former CEO of Tamboran, has said Tamboran will use best practice. He has also been very vocal in bringing Science into the debate. Well the scientific advice is very clear;  DO NOT frack the Lough Allen basin. QED.


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