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No unconventional Gas Regulation in Republic of Ireland.

As per my post here the Government in the Republic Of Ireland has failed to regulate the Options Licences correctly.  It is now compounding that lack of regulation by consideration of the licence applications by both Tamboran and Enegi Indeed … Continue reading

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What the latest Duke Study tells us

‘Fracking is safe’  and ‘not one documented case yada yada yada .. ‘  so goes the line (or lie perhaps) of the unconventional oil and gas industry.  They also state that ‘fracking takes place way below the aquifer and there … Continue reading

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Shale Mary clutches at straws.

I got this in an email from  a Jane Thomas organising the UK Shale Fest in a few weeks time in Lancaster hotel in London — you know the one where Tamboran talk about community engagement . Dear Colleague, In … Continue reading

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Welcome to the ‘regulators’ jungle.

The Geological Survey of Northern Ireland  (GSNI) and Tamboran seem to have a close and cosy relationship. Take this question asked by Steven Agnew recently. in AQW 23654/11-15 Mr Agnew asks the DETI Mnister for a list of all public … Continue reading

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