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Foul Maggots Surreal Share (anag) – Shale Gas Regulators Forum

Enough of the mischief -there’s quite enough of that in the latest minutes released by this group.  What has been interesting to note is that up to this point, as far as I’m aware there has been no Policy on … Continue reading

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Tamboran board members past company implicated in Aquifer Contamination.

This report in the Guardian and echoed in other media references a story about an aquifer contamination event in Australia, involving Santos (Current Tamboran Partners) and Eastern Star Gas (connected to current Tamboran board members).  I’ve previously written about the … Continue reading

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Fracking – even CEOs don’t believe the hype.

“fracking is totally safe” “Not one case of contamination ” “100 years of Natural Gas” By now anyone who has followed Shale Gas has heard the PR.  Even Barack Obama is in on it and is widely quoted – despite … Continue reading

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