Co Responsibility.

If you own a car, and let someone take it, who you know doesn’t have a licence or insurance, then you will ‘get done’. That is the law.  You are co responsible.

Acheson and Glover, must accept co-responsibility for allowing Tamboran onto their land. From the letter from A&G to their neighbours  it seems that they still own the land.  It also seems that A&G have decided that’s the end of the matter.  I think not, given that they may shortly have a gas hole drilled on their property (for this is a gas hole, regardless of its scientific or non-fracking status).

This isn’t just the usual borehole that will be drilled on quarry land. This is going down 750M, through the water tables, into the shale and will create a conduit for gas, petroleum and any other VOCs and toxins to come to the surface or to seep unbeknown into the aquifer  – maybe not straight away, but over time.

We know there is no monitoring in place for the existing old wells either North or South of the border. In fact some land owners have flatly denied having gas wells on their property.  No one wants to take responsibility, because no one wants the ensuing potential liability so in a very ‘Irish/Northern Irish’ way things are just swept under the carpet and Government bodies talk about robust regulation like as if it actually existed and those same Government bodies act as if the old gas wells don’t exist.  Whatever about co-responsibility, just a smidgen of responsibility might be in order.





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