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Did you know that an annagram of "richard moorman tamboran" gives "Drab harm or romantic moan"..

Don’t mention the C Word – Corruption

Politicians seem to hate the C word.  Journalists seem wary of using it.  But if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck,  its a big ducking member of the Anatidaen variety. I’m talking about the fact that the … Continue reading

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Where’s the 50Million bill flowing to ?

Just got the Impartial Reporter – Well just got to read the Impartial Reporter and inside is an article announcing that the Gas To the West project is ‘on schedule ?’ and describes it as the 250Million pound project. <sound … Continue reading

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Tamboran sought Licence extension to 2018

Some heavily redacted correspondence between Tamboran and DETI after the decision by Minister Durkan to make the borehole in Belcoo subject to full planning and subject to an EIA. The 14 pages of heavily redacted information is here :  redacted_correspondence_Tamboran-Deti-AugSept2014 People … Continue reading

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Tamboran still lingering after 3 years.

Couldn’t let the three year anniversary of Tamboran coming uninvited into our community go without a wee post. So three years after they stole into the quarry, the now Irish owned, via renowned tax haven of Jersey, Tamboran Resources UK … Continue reading

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Acheson and Glover back quarry Planning Permission granted

Cleggan Quarry ..where shale gassers  Tamboran wished to drill an investigative borehole .. has had planning permission granted retrospectively for the stone that was removed unlawfully and also for further permissions which will effectively allow the removal of stone below … Continue reading

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Balcas cushty as renewable fires roar

One of the big winners in the RHI scandal is Balcas.  They are the largest manufacturer of wood pellets on the island (and indeed in the UK if one source is to be believed).  These RHI boilers have to burn … Continue reading

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Arlene feels the Renewable Heat.

Arlene Foster was the minister in charge when the licence that contained a fracking work programme (or as we would like to call it the ‘fracking licence’ ) was issued for Fermanagh.  It also appears from documents received that Rathlin Energy … Continue reading

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