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DOE, DETI and those Judicial Reviews.

Its going to be odd for DOE, and indeed DETI to have to defend their decisions  against a company where one of the directors is also a former employee / appointee. Dr Bazley, director of Tamboran Resources  UK Ltd,  is also … Continue reading

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Tamboran PR disaster as they fail to get fracking house in order

The Impartial Reporter (recent winner of Weekly Paper of the Year award in London) report today, that Tamboran have had to seek an extension to their licence in Northern Ireland.  This seems to have brought out DETI Minister Arlene Foster’s … Continue reading

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Tamboran’s figures don’t stand up to real world scrutiny

Shale plays, especially gas plays are fairly difficult to make money out of,  and so the industry tends to fudge the numbers somewhat.  However what the industry predict, and what they produce are largely two separate entities;  Industry estimates often … Continue reading

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£55 Billion Gas just worth £7million to Fermanagh.

Fermanagh Gas – It may be worth  money to someone but not to Fermanagh.. The Population of United Kingdom = 62.25 million (rounding down slightly from Wikipedia) while the population of Northern Ireland is approzx 1.8 million So Northern Ireland has approximately … Continue reading

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