Shale Gas — Boom then Bust.

The attached is a presentation I have given on the economics as put forward by Tamboran. It should be noted that both the GSNI (Geological Survey of Northern Ireland) and PAD Geologist in submissions to Assembly and Dail committees have stated  that Tamboran’s figures can’t really be trusted.


Both  Dr Janette Barth and Susan Christopherson links at the end of the document point to youtube presentations on the local economic effects of Shale Gas extraction and they also question many of the industry studies, given there are no peer reviews. Similarly one needs to be careful about ‘frackademia’ where research is funded or carried out by universities or people with vested interests who haven’t declared those interest.  a google  for University of  Texas or  State University of Buffalo  with shale shows some of the problems in this area.

For a look at the Agrifood industry in Ireland and whats at risk, go to the Shale research group  and click on Agrifood study link.

Fermanagh Fracking awareness network produced this flier, and further information including full submissions made to the Northern Ireland Assembly can be obtained from them.

Art Berman’s presentation to ASPO 2012 is available here :